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“…it is clear that when adults praise children for seemingly inborn characteristics like being smart, it creates the opposite effect.  Children become less willing to take on challenges because they don’t want to risk losing their label of smartness.  Praising children for their effort and their strategies is much more effective.  Like happiness, self-esteem is a by-product of trying hard, making mistakes, failing and learning to go forward toward a goal.”

Full article “Success in Parenting – Avoiding the Happiness and Self-Esteem Traps” by Ellen Galinsky available here, published in the Huffington Post 07/05/2012

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Cycles, Rhythm & Flow

A simplified view of Eastern and Western thought may compare the holistic and reductionist ways of viewing health, cosmology, microbiology and everything in between.  While a Western Medical specialist examines a biopsy or a blood test, a snapshot in time and space, to determine the  health of an individual, a Chinese Medical practitioner views the whole person including organs and systems, emotional and physical states, lifestyle in the days and years preceedeing, even the patient’s experience in-utero and at birth.  A good doctor in either tradition is like a detective, searching for clues that uncover the causes of how we got where we are.

Each having their own merit, to discard entierely or blindly elevate one over the other would be to embrace one side of the dualistic thinking that, as Siddhartha Gautama once said, is the root of suffering.  Since the reductionist Western view gets ample coverage, this blog will explore the pattern-oriented approach that looks for clues in cycles, rhythm and flow to understand how we got here and where we are headed.

This method of holistic and pattern-oriented seeing can open us to the freedom that exists within the confines of our own experience.  It is a simple act with broad and deep potential.

Wishing you a joyful and liberating  journey.




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