Deep Adaptation- A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy by Jem Bendell

This blog was started with the intention of sharing research, ideas, and personal experiences of myself and others that promote longevity personally and planetarily.  Most of the posts so far have focused on the personal: on the well-being of the physical body, the mental-emotional body, finding meaningfulness in a spiritual path.  Occasionally I have focused on sustainability issues.

Currently I’d like to share the important and sobering work of Professor Jem Bendell of the Univesrity of Cambria.  He is a longtime researcher and professor in the field of sustainability.  However he has recently shifted his focus to Deep Adaptation with key actions in:

  1. Resilience
  2. Relinquishment
  3. Restoration


You can read a  shorter review titled “New outlook on global warming: Best prepare for social collapse, and soon” by Ron Meadell published in the Earth Journal section of the MinnPost that reviews the recent publishing of Dr. Jem Bendell


The full text, which I encourage anyone interested to read thoroughly, may be downloaded here:
Deep Adaptation- A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy by Jem Bendell (pdf)


If you are mind to listen to some lectures first, here are a few links to some lectures focusing on some of his earlier work:

The Money Myth: Jem Bendell at TEDx (13 min, 2011)

Unversity of Cumbria – Inaugural Lecture by Professor Jem Bendell (40 min, 2014)

IFLAS Open Lecture – Prof Jem Bendell: Collaboration for Sustainability – past, present and future (1 hr 7 min, 2017)


He also created a free university-level online course “Money and Society


And has published a number of books including “Healing Capitalism” and others.


You can follow Professor Jem Bendell on his own personal website here.




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