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Why Fevers are Your Friend

Health and medical journalists are not presently providing the public with what might be the most important health advice that they should be given during the flu season:   people with the flu should avoid taking fever-reducing drugs, such as aspirin or acetaminophen (aka TylenolTM), except in rare situations

…fever is a vital defense of the body in its efforts to fight infection.  A fever enables the body to increase its production of interferon, an important antiviral substance that is critical for fighting infection.  Fever also increases white blood cell mobility and activity, which are instrumental factors in fighting infection.
(There are, of course, some exceptions … seek medical care if one’s fever is above 104 degrees for over six hours or in any fever in an infant under four months of age.)
The above exceprt is from the article “Epidemic Of Fever Phobia: The Facts On Why Fever Is Your Friend” by Dana Ullman, pubished in the Huffington Post Sep 30, 2009.  Read the whole article here.
On the subject of Tylenol, newly publicized research shows that there is significant overdose risk.  And studies show that children who take Tylenol even as seldomly as once a month have significantly increased risk of asthma.  (CNN article from 2010 states double the risk  whereas The Healthy Home Economist in Sept 2013 states a 540% increased risk for once a month takers.

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