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Kindergarten: learn to read?

In an article titled “Reading at Five – Why?” pubished in SEEN (Souteast Eductiaon Network) Joan Almon writes about the lack of evidence showing any benefits for the trend of teaching children reading at increasingly earlier ages.

“Stephen Hinshaw at the University of California at Berkeley, an expert in hyperactive disorders, spoke of the need for a broad-based kindergarten approach. He was quoted in Time magazine in 2003, saying, “Even more vital than early reading is the learning of play skills, which form the foundation of cognitive skills.” He pointed out that in Europe children are often not taught to read until age seven.”

“… young children are deeply curious and learn a great deal through self-directed exploration. High school science teachers now speak of the need for more inquiry-based learning, which is exactly the way young children learn if encouraged to do so.”

Read the full article here.

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