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Alternatives to “Time Outs” –

The following excerpt comes an article titled “Time Out vs. Time In: What’s the difference?” from Positive Parenting Connection website
Read the whole article here, originally published July 19, 2012

During the time in,  parents are encouraged to empathize with the child’s feelings and often just quiet connection is all that is needed until the storm has passed. It doesn’t mean that you must let your child continue with a behavior that is inappropriate. The time in gives you the opportunity to really connect and then address whatever change needs to be made.

Some of the reasons Time IN or positive time out works:

*children are likely to feel that their needs are being considered

*there can be connection between parent and child before a correction is presented

*children are given time to properly process a range of feelings

*parents don’t feel out of control or create a power struggle to keep child in the time out.

*children don’t feel isolated, shamed or scared

*It gives parent and children an opportunity to talk about the real issue at hand

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